Get Better Lenses for Less

An illustration of a person in side-profile, wearing glasses

The details

ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Lenses are fantastic varifocal lenses that have afforded our patients quicker adaptation to varifocals and a wider field of vision at all distances. They are particularly beneficial if you have struggled to adapt to varifocals in the past, or if you work long hours on digital screens.

All ZEISS lenses come with UV blocking technology as standard, but can also have blue light filtering properties incorporated into the lens material itself using ZEISS Blueguard for extra protection against digital eyestrain.

We are currently offering a free upgrade on all ZEISS SmartLife Lenses so you can benefit from the brilliant science of these lenses for less.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

To help reduce the number of glasses ending up in landfill, when you purchase any pair of glasses, we will offer to reglaze any old frame you have with the same single vision prescription for just £10.

Prescription ranges apply. Any lens upgrades will incur normal upgrade fees.

If you have any old glasses that are broken or you will no longer use, please bring them in to practice for recycling.